How to Exclude Particular App from Spotlight Search in iOS

It doesn’t matter whether you want more stability or better performance from your mobile, but iOS can always stand out from the crowd as this is probably the most awesome platform for mobile. Loads of free & paid apps, features, games, functions etc. have made this platform even better. iOS comes with plenty of unique features those are not available in other platforms like Android, Windows Phone etc.

For instance, the Spotlight Search, which helps users to find out anything in your iOS device. If you have been using iOS, you may know the god things of Spotlight search. However, if you haven’t used iOS before, let me explain.

How to Exclude app from Spotlight search in iOS

Spotlight Search actually helps users to find almost anything in your mobile. From settings to contact and apps to games, you can find anything with the help of Spotlight search. This is very easy to use Spotlight search in iOS. You can swipe your screen from left to right in order to open the corresponding page. On the other hand, you can tap, hold and swipe your screen from top to bottom to open the Spotlight search as well. Not only iOS, but also you can get Spotlight search on Mac.

Now, let’s try to understand this problem. Suppose, you do not want to include a particular app and its files or options in Spotlight search for iOS. Let’s assume that you want to block Camera or Clock or Bing web results from appearing in Spotlight search result. Or, suppose, you just want to work on a particular app like iTunes Store or Map or Music and block all the other apps from appearing on Spotlight search result.

If you wish to do so, you may have to follow this guide. Although, this tutorial is not much complicated, yet you will have to follow a couple of steps to get things done. The best part is you do not have to install any third party app or jailbreak your iOS device. This is possible with the help of in-built option of Spotlight Search for iOS.

Exclude Particular App from Spotlight Search in iOS

As mentioned before, you do not have to install any third party app in this case. Therefore, just open the Settings app on your mobile. Here, you can find General settings. On the next page, you should get Spotlight Search settings.

Spotlight search settings in iOS

Following that, you will get all the apps on your screen those are included in Spotlight search. Now, you can toggle the corresponding buttons to exclude particular app from Spotlight search in iOS.

Toggle button to exclude app from spotlight search

If you want to include only one app, you will have to toggle all the buttons of other apps. However, if you want to exclude a particular app, just toggle the button to turn it off.

That’s it! Hope this tiny tutorial would be helpful for you.


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