Exclude your Visits and Own IP address From Google Analytics Reports

Filter managers can be Applied to your Analytics Website profiles.With this feature you can exclude a specific IP address (or a range of IP addresses )from appearing in your Analytics Reports

How do I exclude My Own IP address from appearing in Analytics Reports

You can exclude Visits from a Particular IP address by the following steps :

  1. From the Analytics Settings page Click on “Filter Manager”
  2. Click On “Add Filter”.
  3. Add a Filter name ( e.g “My IP address”)
  4. Filter IPIn the Filter Type select “Exclude traffic from an IP address”.The IP Address Field will automatically show an example IP address.Delete that and Enter your IP address .If your IP address is you need to enter (127\.168\.1\.1)
  5. You can also Specify a range of IP addresses.Know the correct Expression for assigning a range of  IP addresses

Add the Website Profile For which you wish to Exclude your IP address and Save the Filter.That’s it.Usually it takes 24 –48 hours to show the Updated data.

But I Use a Dynamic IP address.How do i Exclude My Visits ?

If you use a dynamic Internet Connection ( e.g Wi-fi or WLAN) you can still exclude your Reports

1.Create a New page on your Site and paste the Following code :

<body onLoad=”javascript:pageTracker._setVar(‘test_value’);”>

If you Use WordPress do not create a New page or Post.Create a Normal HTML page using any HTML editor and Upload it to your Root folder.

2.To set the Cookie visit that page from all your Computers that You wish to Exclude.

3.Now Visit your Analytics Account and Create a New filter.Use the Following Settings :
Filter Type: Custom filter > Exclude
Filter Field: User Defined
Filter Pattern: test_value
Case Sensitive: No

4.Do not Give the address of the page to anyone.It’s a private page that only you will access.Visit this page from every Computer that you do not Wish to Track in your Analytics reports.

More Resources

I have successfully excluded my IP address from my analytics reports.If you face any problems feel free to leave a Comment.


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