Be My Eyes – Best iPhone App Which Helps The Blind See

The only difference between blind and sighted people is the vision. That is the only difference and the else is same. They can even play music, work and everything what all sighted people can do. So, making the use of growing mobile technology, Copenhagen based company has come up with the best iPhone app to overcome that one problem of vision. iPhone app by name Be My Eyes, allows sighted users to lend their eyes to blind people allowing them to see.

Best iPhone App Be My Eyes

 Be My Eyes – Best iPhone App Which Helps The Blind See

Be My Eyes makes it easy to connect blind and sighted people through iPad and iPhone. Everything is done through a video chat. Both blind and slighted people need to register with this app as the first step. The, blind people can start the video conversation with the sighted users and they can help blind in the way they want.

Coonect with others

Whenever blind people need any help, they raise a request through Blind My Eyes App. Sort of help can be to know about the expiry date of milk, which bottle has the tomato sauce, directions towards the destination and many more like this. Sighted people, who are all registered, will get the pop up notification. They just need to tap on the notification and the video chat starts. Conversation can be through video and voice. If sighted people are busy in some other work, then you can reject the notification and the request goes to some other.

Help with Be My Eyes best iPhone App

This lies ahead when compared to the Voice Over iOS which allows you give voice commands to change the screen, type, read and to use your Apps. As it is a video chat, there might be for some misuse of things and there is a way to raise the concern. Based on the number of concerns raised, those particular blind and sighted people are not allowed to use the app any more.

You can earn points and move to the next level of helping. Currently there are more than 22,000 sighted users and 2000 blind users got registered for this Be My Eyes iPhone app. Count is still increasing and it is certainly the best iPhone app. More than 3000 pairs of blind and sighted people got connected. This best iPhone app is for free and is available to iOS users only. It will be available for Android users soon.

Be My Eyes iPhone App Best

See the below video, to understand it better,

What do you say about this best iPhone app? This looks really a great step to connect blind and sighted users. Want to add anymore to this? Please, do share with us through comments.


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