Facebook Adds Face Recognition In Photo Uploads

Facebook has recently added a new feature, introducing Facial recognition to the photos that you upload in your Facebook photo albums, profile picture or in wall photos.

Facebook photo tagging has been there for quite a while, it’s a neat technology where you can manually tag your friends in Photos and let multiple persons associate in one image. But if you upload a whole bunch of photos to your Facebook photo albums, manually tagging each and every single image is painful and time consuming.

Facebook is in the process of making Photo tagging easier – first they launched Group photo tagging in October, thus allowing users to type the name of one friend and associate the person with multiple photos in one shot. Once the group photo tagging is in place, your friends will automatically get a notification that you have tagged them in one or more of photos stored in your Photo albums.

Here is how the Facebook photo tag suggestions look like :

Tag multiple=

How Does Facebook Photo Tag Suggestion Work?

When you or some of your friends upload new photos, Facebook uses it’s face recognition technology to match the photos with your profile image and the photos where you are already tagged in. Then Facebook groups similar photos together and suggests the name of the friends in photos.

This is useful, because you can see the tag  suggestions of a friend and do not have to manually type in from a list of names and tag each and every single person recursively.

Facebook Photo tag suggestions

If you don’t want to be tagged in any Facebook photo of yours as well as in photos uploaded by your friends, read our earlier tutorial on how to stop Facebook photo and video tagging.

Tip: Control who is able to see your Facebook photo albums and pictures


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