5 Facebook App Alternatives To Improve Performance And Battery Life

Facebook for Android is a great app and it has over a 1 Billion downloads which means it is also popular. But the bad thing about the app is that it might not work as smooth as it does in flagships Android devices in mid range or budget devices.

But the fact is there are more mid range and budget devices out there than there are flagships and many of them come with a limited amount of RAM and storage. Typically, the official app tends to occupy at least 300-400 MB of your RAM and more than 300MB of your internal storage.

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While phones with 3GB of RAM or more might not be affected much by this, those with a lower amount of RAM, internal storage or battery capacity might be significantly affected by the official app. In fact there are a lot of reports that suggest that Android phones tend to show a huge improvement in performance and battery life when the official Facebook app is not installed.

So, if you are someone with an older phone or a one with less RAM or battery, then you might want to uninstall the Facebook app to get back the battery life and performance of your device. Don’t worry you don’t have to completely give up on the Facebook experience. Thanks to Facebook wrappers, you can now get a closer to Facebook app experience without compromising on your battery life or performance.

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5 Facebook App Alternatives To Improve Performance And Battery Life


Metal is currently the most popular Facebook wrapper with over a million downloads in the Google Play Store. A wrapper is nothing but an app which uses the mobile version of Facebook with a lot of additional features like themes, ad block, and notification support.


Metal is an extremely light weight alternative for the official Facebook app at only 3 MB in size and it is the perfect choice if you have an old phone with 1GB of RAM or less. It also comes with a lot of features that are present in the official app and a lot more additional features like fingerprint lock for security, support for Twitter, floating notifications and so on.


Friendly for Facebook is also quite popular but it is slightly larger than Metal in terms of download size placed at 12 MB. But similar to Metal, it also comes with a lot of useful and interesting features like built in messenger support, easy switch between multiple Facebook accounts and fingerprint support for security.


The best feature of Friendly thought is the ability to filter your newsfeed to show or ignore specific keywords. Like if you never want to see posts about the iPhone X, then you can add it to the blacklist and all the posts that have the word iPhone X in it will be ignored and will not be displayed on your newsfeed.

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If you are someone who uses the Facebook messenger app a lot, then Phoenix might be the perfect alternative for you. Because it has replicated the floating bubbles feature from Messenger flawlessly and you can also use the Messenger app along with the Facebook app with Phoenix.


It also comes with a built-in ad blocking support and along with it, you can also use Phoenix to download videos and even GIFs from your news feed. Phoenix also comes with a support to a complete dark theme throughout the app. So if you have a phone with an AMOLED display, then you can see significant improvement in your battery life.

Folio 2

Folio 2 might probably be the fastest Facebook wrapper in the list and it is also one of the first ever alternatives released for the official Facebook app. It comes with an optional setting to either enable or disable the Facebook messenger. So, if you are not a fan of the messenger app then you can easily disable it using Folio 2.

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Other features of Folio 2 are pretty much similar to the other apps in the list like AMOLED supported themes, passcode support, image downloads and the option to change the position of the navigation bar to either top or bottom of your phone based on the size of your device.

Facebook Lite

If you don’t want to give up on the official version, then Facebook Lite is the one you should be using instead of the official Facebook app to save your battery and improve the performance of your device. The lite version was initially released to countries with slow internet connections but was later rolled out to everyone.


It is designed to work without any issues even when you have very less internet speeds or an old phone. It comes with almost all the features that are present in the normal Facebook app except it looks and feels different and it is also the smallest app in the list with only 1.5 MB in size. Try the app and you will definitely feel an improvement in your phone.

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