Facebook Blocked At Work? Stay Connected With Email Instead

We have previously illustrated how to access Facebook if blocked at school or offices. Here is yet another way you can access Facebook blocked at work, school or anywhere you need.

Activate Email Notifications To Access Facebook Blocked At Work

Unless you have opted out of it, Facebook has a nice feature of notifying you whenever someone comments on your status wall posts, updates, videos, photos. All you need to do is activate the email notification once again. Follow the steps below to manage your email notifications.

1. Login to Facebook and go to Account > Account Settings. Now go to the Notifications tab.

Facebook Blocked At Work

2. You will now be able to manage the email notification items i.e what updates you are willing to receive via email.

Once done, you will start receiving the chosen updates on your email.

Reply Your Friends By Sending an Email Reply

Now whenever you get an update you can reply it from within your mail window. Just hit the reply button, type your reply and send it. That is all. The email text will be posted as a comment or reply to a comment.

Facebook Blocked At Work | Reply via Email

Update Facebook From Email

If you are a Gmail user then use Facebook in Google Chrome extension to update your Facebook status from Gmail. You can read a detailed review on the plugin here.

Facebook-ing with email doesn’t let you play Facebook games or use Facebook apps but it definitely solves the main purpose of Facebook-ing which is connecting with your friends. Now that you are equipped with your mail, enjoy Facebook blocked at work or school.

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