Facebook Now Supports Tagging Friends In Comments

Tagging Facebook friends on status updates is a really handy feature.

You type in a status update, use the “@” symbol and type the name of the Facebook friend whom you want to tag. When you post the status update, your friend will see a notification that you have tagged him in a new post. This method has the advantage that your friend will take note of your update which might get lost under the overwhelming number of status updates in your friend’s Facebook news feed.

One of the annoying features of Tagging in Facebook is of course spam photo tagging and video tagging. Some of your friends may occasionally or frequently tag you in photos or videos they have uploaded and you get a dozen notifications – “Mr X has tagged you in a photo”. We have earlier written a brief tutorial on preventing Facebook Photo and video tagging, which you may want to check out.

The good news however is that Facebook has silently rolled out the support for tagging Facebook friends in comments of status updates, links, videos, photos or whatever media you’re sharing on your Facebook wall. This feature was not available before, which was kind of annoying for two reasons.

First, there was no notification system for Facebook comments. Imagine a message thread or a status update which becomes really popular within your Facebook friends, attracting a large number of comments or likes. If someone posts a comment on your status update, there is no way you can know whether anyone replies to your comment or status update. Of course you get the notification “Mr X also commented in …” but there was no way to know whether that specific comment was a reply to your comment or to anyone else’s.

Starting today, the comment tagging is ON which means now you can tag any of your Facebook friends in a comment, just by typing @ before the name of the friend whom you want to tag to

Tag Facebook friends in comments

Of course you can tag multiple Facebook friends in a single comment, which will send a notification to the person whom you have tagged. When you try to tag a friend in a comment, the autolist of friends shows the names of most popular Facebook friends in alphabetical order. This is nice and handy, when you don’t want to type in the complete profile name of the person in question.

A good move would be to include the name of the person who is involved in the conversation. This will allow users to quickly notify commenters that someone has replied to his/her comment in the same status update where he left a comment sometime back. Thanks Keith

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