Wanna Tell The World “I’m Expecting”? Facebook Might Help

facebook-expecting-child-family-membersBeing a dad or mom is surely one of the most pleasant experiences for anyone. And above all, this is surely something to talk about and share with all your loved ones. And when it comes to sharing, no other service beats Facebook. Until now you can surely post a status update on Facebook to share the news with friends and family. Now you can add your new child as your family member and announce your pregnancy.

Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature. It was too quite to notice. The new feature in question lets you broadcast your pregnancy to the world via Facebook. Expectant can display the expecting child under their family members. Although, there will no new account creation for the child and it will be listed under the parent profile only.

How to do all of that

1. Go to your profile.

2. Click the Edit Profile and finally go to your Friends and Family section to add a new member.


3. Add a name and then in the select relation dropdown choose “Expected: Child”.

4. Hit Save Changes button to add the new member.

Once added your profile will display the expected child with a default Facebook profile image and a new status will be posted under your recent activity.

The funny part…

It was reported, that the new Facebook feature has a flaw, like always, which lets you tag any friend on Facebook as your “Expected child”. Not only that Facebook also asks the tagged person to verify the newly tagged relation. However, Facebook did a quick fix and it is fine now.

However, a new glitch has surfaced. I tried adding a name with a different surname for my *expected* son. And it worked. Its true anybody can choose their name but for an infant or yet-to-be-born his legal parents got the right to decide the name and that is necessary for all legal claims, right?

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