Give Your Facebook Fan Page a Boost – Invite Feedburner Email Subscribers

Have a blog ?

Got an email list of prospects, customers , blog readers or Feedburner subscribers?

It would be a nice idea to invite your email subscribers to view and like your Facebook fan page, if they are already on Facebook – they can read your site’s content directly from Facebook.

Apart from importing contacts from your email account, the Facebook importer tool allows you to import a CSV list of email addresses and send fan page invitations via email. Here is how to do it:

1. First prepare a CSV list of email addresses to whom you will send the fan page invites. If your blog feed is syndicated via Feedburner, you can export the list of email subscribers from Feed stats > Email subscription services > Manage > Export CSV.

Send Email Invitations to like your Facebook fan page

2. Log in to your Facebook account and go to your Facebook fan page. You will see the Facebook importer tool, as shown below:

Import email list to facebook fan page

3. Just import the CSV list of email addresses and you are done. Facebook will send an email invitation to all the specified email addresses with an link to view and like your Facebook fan page (see invitation example).

Import an email list to Facebook fan page

I think this is a fair practice to invite your regular readers or customers to your Facebook fan page. When sending invites, you must comply with Facebook’s terms and conditions and it’s not recommended to send mass emails or spam your subscribers inbox over and over again.

Example: Earlier today, I sent an invitation to all the unconfirmed Feedburner email subscribers. Let’s see how the conversion goes.

What about you? Have you used the Facebook importer tool or any other method to drive traffic to your Facebook fan page ? Please share your ideas in the comments.


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