Facebook Fan Page Or Website?

Whether you should launch a new website or create a Facebook fan page to promote your upcoming product, e-book or other business merchandise?

Guy Kawasaki has some good advice on the usefulness of a Facebook fan page vs the problems in launching a brand new website.

Kawasaki suggests small businesses can promote their products from a Facebook fan page and they don’t always necessarily need a blog or website. Just get a vanity URL for your Facebook fan page and you are in business right away. You don’t have to devote time, money or energy in building a new website for launching and promoting  your business product.

Here is a brief comparison of the implementation details of Facebook fan page vs a Website, built from scratch:

1. Good Vanity URL

It’s much easier to reserve a branded Facebook fan page then to register a branded domain name. If you are looking for keyword rich or meaningful domain names, you will have a hard time finding one. On the other hand, Facebook fan pages can be branded well because not many users are attracted towards it.

2. Necessary Functionality is Built in

The social activities like commenting, sharing and bookmarking are already built-in a Facebook fan page. You don’t have to deal with the software, host the files and worry about maintaining your website’s files. This saves time and more importantly, you can better focus on the main thing – the product of your business.

3. Less is More

A Facebook fan page does not offer too much customizations when compared to a website. This gives limited flexibility and hence more focus – you just can’t spend your precious time on never ending things like design, layout, features and plugins.

Should you want to mandatorily add a new function, you have always the option of Facebook applications – most of them are available for free.

On my opinion, it depends on the type of business you are promoting and also on the target audience. If you are targeting search traffic – it’s always recommended to go with a website. On the other hand, if you want to launch quickly and promote is as fast as possible, I will advice you to go for a branded Facebook fan page and later set up a website to support the business.

What’s your take ? A Fan page on Facebook or a custom build website? Shoot your ideas in the comments below.


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