Facebook Friend Exporter Lets You Download Contact Details Of All Facebook Friends

Facebook has a serious drawback of not letting users export their Friend’s contact details as a CSV list.

You can download your Facebook profile information as a zip package which will contain your profile photos, photo albums but the most important item missing is your Facebook friend’s email addresses, phone numbers and IM screen names.

Then there are different workarounds to download email addresses of Facebook friend’s as a CSV list. You can try the Yahoo CSV contact importer or Windows Live account- both work fine but they won’t let you save the phone number of all Facebook friend’s into a CSV file.

Now here is a Chrome extension called Facebook Friend Importer which lets you download all the contact information of Facebook friend’s in 5 minutes. What’s great regarding the extension is that apart from exporting the email addresses (all), you can also save Facebook friend’s contact number (phone number) as a  CSV list.

Following are the steps to use the extension:

1. Install the extension and login to your Facebook account. You should see a new option as “Export Friends” in the menu bar:
2. Click that link and this will open a browser overlay window, now hit “Redirect Now” button:

Export Facebook Friend List contacts
3. In the next page, select the terms and click “Let’s get started”.

Download Contact Information Of Facebook friends
4. The extension will start fetching your Facebook friend list and display all the friend’s one by one. You may selectively choose only specific friends and download their contact information or choose all the friends and download the entire contact information in one shot.

Important: When you hit the “Start” button, do not browse to your Facebook account yet, let the extension do it’s job and wait for some time till the extension fetches all the contact details one by one. If you must use Facebook at that time, open a new browser window and login to your account.

Download Contact Information Of Facebook friends
Once the extension has successfully build it’s export cache, you will be shown a CSV list which will contain the phone numbers, website URL’s, email addresses and IM screen names of all of your Facebook friends. Now you can choose to download the contact information as a CSV list or may also choose the export the details to Gmail contacts.

The extension never asks for account credentials so you need not worry regarding the privacy of your Facebook account. In addition to that, the extension will merge your Facebook friends with existing Gmail contacts, sort out the duplicates and make life easy. Certainly better than the Yahoo or Windows Live Export method, give this a try . [ via ]

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