Know When Facebook Friends Delete You From Facebook Friend List

Unlike other social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Orkut, there is no way you can find out if any Facebook friend removed you from their friend list as a contact. That means, there is no way you can figure out when someone unfriends you on Facebook. You can see whether the numbers in your Facebook friend list has increased or decreased but there is no way to track which of the Facebook friends removed you from their contacts.

Luckily, here are a couple of useful Greasemonkey scripts which will check your Facebook profile at regular intervals and give live notifications when any of your Facebook friends delete you from their friend list.

Firefox users have to install the Greasemonkey add-on prior to installing the userscript. Google Chrome users can install the script directly, because Chrome supports userscripts by default.

Install the Facebook Friends Checker Userscript – Regularly checks your Facebook friends to check whether anyone has removed you from their friends.

Once the script is installed, continue using your Facebook account normally. When the script detects that your Facebook friend list has changed, a message will appear informing you about who deleted you with a link back to his profile page. Here is how the notification looks within your Facebook account:

Who Deleted Me From Facebook Friend List

1. Block all Facebook Applications
2. Stop Facebook Photo And Video Tagging

Unfriend Finder is another simple userscript which can be used to know when your Facebook friends delete you as a contact. Install the script – works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers that support Greasemonkey and you are done.

Find Who Removed you from Facebook Friend List

Wait for a a few days and you will see notifications when friends delete you from their Facebook friend list. The script can not be used to know who has hidden you from his Facebook news feed and neither it can be used to find past deletions. However, turns out the script can be a handy tool if you are too concerned about whether some friends remove you as a Facebook friend.

As for me, I am not so concerned when people hide me from their news feed or remove as a contact. There are people who are in my Facebook friend list but they are not friends with me in real life. Neither they communicate with me, like my updates or comment in any of my updates. The same is true if you think from my angle, there are people with whom I never interact.

Hence, it doesn’t matter whether unknown friends delete you or keep you in their Facebook friend list. However, if you are using Facebook to market your business, promote your blog or anything else, you can use the tool to find out why some of your Facebook friends ( customers ?) are unhappy with you and they deleted you from their friend list.

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