Facebook Testing A “Happening Now” News Feed: See What Your Friends Are Liking And Commenting On

Your Facebook timeline has two main columns – Top News and Most recent. Their usage is self explanatory, the former section lets you quickly find which of your Facebook friends activity received the maximum likes, comments or attention while the latter section lets you view the recent updates of all your Facebook friends.

However, Facebook is testing a new feature labeled “Happening Now” on the right column of your Facebook timeline, replacing the “Sponsored advertisements”. Currently, this feature is in it’s experimental stage and available to only selected users, as reported by Amit Misra

Here is how the “Happening now” news feed of Facebook is expected to look like:

Facebook happening now news feed

From the screenshot above, it appears that the happening now news feed is quite the same as the “Top News” Section, showing the most shared links, most likes and comments on your Facebook timeline. It is expected that this section will contain updates and links from only those friends with whom you interact the most.

The fact of the matter is that this section is more real time in nature and shows you what’s happening right at this moment. These updates are pushed as and when they happen so that users can see where their friends are commenting on and what stuff they are “Liking” across. Right now !

Since, Facebook has replaced the sponsored column with yet another news feed, I guess this feature is still a part of usability testing and will be rolled out globally only if it meets their goals. I am just wondering how is Facebook going to make revenue if they replace their only sponsored advertisements from the right column with another “user activity” feed.

On another note, Facebook might introduce personalized results on the “Happening now” news feed which could mean contextually targetted status updates from friends, related links which you have recently “Liked” or shared and some status messages similar to your previous updates. If you recall Facebook’s instant personalization feature, you can do the math yourself. [ via ]


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