Quickstart To Building a Community on Facebook

Social media is the huge, we all know it, as the younger generations grow, and the way they take influence in their purchases and the way that business is conducting will be back largely by social media and the traction that it develops. There has been an awful lot of marketing tips on how to use Facebook, what to say and how to say it. But building a community of people with interests that match the business are few and far between.


Building The Audience

1. Target your current customers, signups, staff, and business colleagues

Your current audience is key, people you already connect with are more likely to interact and customers who have had a positive customer experience are more likely to interact, particularly with your good offers and items of interest to them. Target your LinkedIn contacts, your suppliers, mailing lists to build the foundations of your page and request them to like the page. 

2. Incentivise potential customers to join your community

Offering discounts to potential customers can be a great way to build your community, offering Facebook only deals, and exclusives can mean people in your funnel who want the sweetener to get that conversion can be a great way to build your page.

3. Work with another business that have a large community of your potential customers

Offering a promotion that has mutual benefits will help get likes from the other businesses’ Facebook page, these people are largely influential and have interest in the product you have for your competition, this can give you great brand awareness and a lot of new likes and potential customers.

4. Use your Facebook and social media icons in all your media

This sounds easy but how many different impressions of your business do your customers see? Getting your social media link on everything from invoices to your printed advertising is vital to keep your community growing.

Maintaining That Audience

To keep your community strong, share and develop items on your news feed, and DON’T sell them. Hard selling your products will alienate your community.  Asking questions, sharing your passions, driving feedback and making your community feel wanted is a great way to build so many aspects of your business.

1. Your community will trust you.
2. New and potential customers will see how you interact with customers.
3. New customers will see a large amount of likes to your page, showing the participation and interest in your business.
4. Other social areas of your website and business can get large amounts of participation from your social channels.
5. Your audience can help you make business decisions by correlating feedback from questions about your business.
6. When customers are cross referencing your business with competitors, seeing community size, interaction and dealing with customer queries can give you an edge and get that conversion.

Facebook’s strength for businesses is vast, it’s becoming a strong advertising platform, its new search functionality will be a huge plus for local businesses in the next 12 months, plus people listen to friends and people they respect in their buying patterns.

This guest post was written by Chris Turton, who enjoys social media and gaming, he currently writes for gaming PC company Palicomp.

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