7 Facebook Messenger App Alternative to Boost Performance and Style

Facebook messenger is one of the most downloaded messenger apps in the world, partly because it is the default app provided by Facebook itself and comes pre-installed in some smartphones. Today, we are going to cover 7 Facebook messenger app alternative that will help you not only boost your performance, but also make you look cool and awesome in front of your peers.

Note: The list is in no particular order. So please read the whole article first.

It is a known fact, especially among Android users, that Facebook apps are resource hungry and eat your battery and CPU power like a hungry dog. I believe it is something to do with continuous tracking in the background. Anyways, let’s take a look at some alternatives.

1. Messenger Lite

facebook messenger app alternative - messenger

Messenger Lite is a Facebook messenger app alternative that was made available by Facebook itself. Maybe they are aware what a resource hog the default messenger app is. In any situation, messenger lite is smaller in size, asks for a lesser number of permissions upon installation, and eats less resources. Most basic features are available, however, some advance features like video calling is missing. You can make audio calls though.

Download: Android

2. Facebook Wrappers

facebook messaging app alternative - wrappers

Facebook wrapper, put simply, is an app with a built in browser that will launch the default mobile version of Facebook. Though the app will launch the mobile version, there are advance customizations available. For example, the default mobile Facebook version comes with the lite messenger built in so you don’t have to use two separate app every time you want to chat. A good Facebook messenger app alternative

Here is a small list of Facebook Wrapper apps that you may try for yourself

  1. Tinfoil for Facebook
  2. Swipe for Facebook
  3. Metal for Facebook
  4. Hermit for Facebook
  5. Toffeed for Facebook

3. Disa

facebook messenger alternative app - disa

Disa is a versatile app that will make you feel like you are using a swiss army knife for chatting and messaging app. You can use Disa, which is still in beta, to login via Facebook, Messenger, Google+, Twitter, and other social media sites and provide cross platform compatibility. Disa is a very popular Facebook messenger app alternative with a lot of positive reviews on the Playstore. You can not only share images, links, videos, but also location. Disa calls itself a unified messenger hub.

The ability to login using multiple social media accounts chat with all your friends on a single platform is its main selling point. The app is free though we believe they will quickly add in-app purchases because they are constantly adding new features. All your contacts will be in sync and your chatting history will be downloaded as well.

Download: Android

4. Trillian

facebook messenger app alternative - trillian

Trillian is a cross platform Facebook messenger app alternative that allows you to add multiple accounts as well as supports a host of other popular messaging platforms like Yahoo messenger, AIM, and so on. For each account, a new tab will be launched and the app will neatly keep everything in sync. All these features makes Trillian immediately better than Disa, but for a hefty price tag.

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to create an account on Trillian so you can access all your accounts and settings on any mobile device. Trillian is a freemium app that is available for free or $20 a year. They also offer a lifetime in-app purchase which is pegged at $60. We believe it is priced little aggressively, but still worth it if you are a prolific user.

Download: Android / iOS

5. Lite Messenger for Facebook

facebook messenger app alternative - fb lite third party

The name can be a bit confusing because it rhymes with the official Facebook messenger lite app, but this is a different app. Although the official messenger lite app is better when it comes to performance, what it lags in the former, it makes up in features. Audio and video calling features are available here unlike in the official lite app, you can share videos and gif images, update status, and browse news feed. All in all, a pretty cool Facebook messenger app alternative which is free and gets the job done.

Download: Android

6. Skype

facebook messenger app alternative - skype

Skype is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, one of true original which is why Microsoft decided to pay a fortune to snap it up. Unfortunately, Microsoft is known make things worse after acquiring them.

Skype will allow you to, apart from the basic chatting related features, make audio and video calls (even group), share documents, location, and much more. It is also one of the most cross-platform friendly option supporting Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS.

Download: Main Site

7. WeChat

facebook messenger app alternative - wechat

WeChat comes with a number of features which are available as plugins within the platform. WeChat is very popular, especially in China. If you and your friend are both using WeChat, you can make free audio and video calls. No credits required.

Other advance Facebook features involve sharing “moments” to both Facebook and Twitter, create or choose Facebook album, find people who are near you, and payment functionality. Yes, you can send and receive payment using WeChat, the only  app on the list that is capable of doing this. Again, it is cross-platform compatible.

Download: Android / iOS


I believe Skype and WeChat are the best when it comes to a host of features for free. If you are still left looking for more, Trillian is a great but paid Facebook messenger app alternative. Did I missed something? Do you know of an app that is worthy of this list? Comment below to have it added with your name.

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