Now That Facebook Goes IPO Way, Wonder How Much Your Facebook Profile Is Worth?

Facebook will soon be going the IPO way and is expected to be valued at a whopping $101.485 billion. Reviewing the 2011 data revels that almost 85% of Facebook’s revenue is due to it’s users’ data (advertising). With that in mind and the recent IPO offering, an average user will be rated at $192.94 while an average user’s data will worth $164. An impressive figure, right. Now if you are wondering how much you are valued or how that compares to the average value, check out FBME which, based on Facebook Ads system, evaluates how much you’re worth to Facebook.

Hover over to FBME and you will need to connect Facebook in order to calculate your profile worth. Once connected you the algorithm calculates the value and presents it with a comparison. The rules for comparing are simple a 2.00 means your worth double the average rate while 0.75 means you are 3/4th compared to the average.


As it shows on my case the value is well lower than the average which I guess is due to the location(INDIA) which is quite low. A user from US is 1.75 time more valuable, whereas a male is rated 0.94 compared to the average.

FBME is an offering from California based Disconnect, which is a brainchild of ex-Google engineer Brian Kennish, that also offers a Chrome extension that protects you from getting ripped of your personal information on websites with cookies, Facebook Like buttons etc, which is due to omnipresence of social graph. Hopefully this new web tool is committed towards privacy and be rest assured your Facebook data will not be stored or used (other than evaluating your profile worth). So, how  much worth are you to Facebook?

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