Replace Your Facebook Profile Image With A Video

A photo is cool, a video is cooler.

Those of you who have tried their hands in tweaking their Facebook profile image with sliced thumbnails have another reason to rejoice. Here is a simple Facebook application which can be used to replace your Facebook profile photo with a video.

Yes, with a video that plays whenever anyone visits your Facebook profile and the video also playbacks the sound atttached to it.

Don’t believe my words ? Watch the following screencast to see how to use a video as your Facebook profile image:


Replacing Your Facebook Profile Photo With a Video

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to the FlipYourProfile application page.

2. Install the Flip Video browser plugin, which is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Then connect your profile with the App.

3. Next, upload a sample video from your computer which you want to attach as the profile video of your Facebook account. In case, you want to record a video from your webcam, simply select the “record from webcam” option and record a short video clip.

Only those people who have the Flip video browser plugin installed will be able to see your profile video. If anyone doesn’t have the plugin installed, he/she will continue to see your regular Facebook profile image as normal.

This is actually a smart marketing move by the company. Because the users who will take the pain of uploading and attaching a video as their Facebook profile image, they will obviously persuade their friends to install the plugin and preview their Facebook profile video.

The background audio of the video is played only once while the video is looped forever. This means, whenever any of your friends view your Facebook profile, they will preview both the audio as well as the video only once. After the end of first loop, only the video will be playbacked the audio will be muted, however they can toggle the audio anyway.

Overall, this is a very nice way to engage your Facebook audience and bring some uniqueness to your Facebook profile. Forget Animated GIF’s and chobby backgrounds, nothing is more attractive than a short video introduction.

And here is the official video of FlipG Facebook application:

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