Facebook Introduces Real Time Comments And Likes On News Feed, Status Updates

Don’t be too surprised to see your next Facebook status update getting comments and likes in real time, without requiring you or any of your friends to refresh the page at all. It seems that Facebook is slowly adding real time features to it’s comment and “Like” system, as reported by Matt Brian on The Next Web.

Watch the following video to see how real time Facebook comments actually work:

This is a really nifty feature added by Facebook developers which makes Facebook comments a very interesting hang out. You post a status update and wait for the comments to roll in on their own, no need to hit the F5 key or reload the same page over and over again. Another advantage of real time status comments is that you can keep an eye on comments and likes directly from the Facebook news feed, without having to go to your “Profile” or click the “Notifications” link at the left top of your browser window.

If you are the type of person who spends a good amount of tie on Facebook, commenting a lot on Friend’s status messages, liking each and every single link, video, photos – this real time thing will make life easy and instantaneous.

Harsh who writes the CallingAllGeeks blog, noted the real time comments on his Facebook stream and came up with a quick video. Have a look below


Are you experiencing any change in Facebook’s comment system yet? Do let us know your thoughts and reactions on the issue in the comments below.


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