Facebook Trusted Contacts Helps You Recover Your Account When Its Hacked

Hacked Facebook accounts is not a new story these days. Once in a while, I get those emails where panicked users are worried regarding the security of their Facebook accounts.

“I think my Facebook account has been hacked, I can’t login to my account”.

“How do I login to my Facebook account? it won’t let me in no matter how hard I try”

“I am having problems logging into Facebook, I think someone else has gained unauthorized access to my account and has changed the password”

To address these issues, Facebook rolled out login alerts, two factor authentication and a couple of more ways which adds an extra layer of security to your Facebook account. Today, Facebook is launching “Trusted contacts” which lets you recover your Facebook account and gain access to it when it appears to be hacked (or when you find it impossible to login).

 Trusted Contacts On Facebook Will Help You Regain Access to Your Account, in case its hacked


Within your Facebook account settings > Security, you will be able to choose 3 to 5 friends as “Trusted contacts”. Ideally, these are people whom you know very closely in real life and trust a lot. If you cannot login to your Facebook account, you can use the Trusted friends feature to reset your Facebook password and gain back access.

Please note that you need to choose Trusted contacts on Facebook before the damage is already done. To do this, login to your Facebook account, go to “Security Settings” and choose 3-5 friends whom you would want to the “Trusted Contacts” list. (Trusted contacts is not available at the time of writing this article, we will update the steps when it rolls out for everyone).

So when you are in trouble and cannot login to your Facebook account, Facebook will use your trusted contacts as an option to help. All you need to do is call friends whom you have listed as “Trusted contacts” and let them know that you have lost access to your Facebook account, and that they can help you regain access to your Facebook account.

During the Facebook account recovery process, your trusted contacts will get security codes which they need to send it to you via email, phone or text messaging. Once you obtain the security codes from minimum 3 of your trusted contacts, you will be able to login to Facebook without a password. Hence, in situations when your Facebook account is compromised, this “Trusted contacts” feature is going to be very useful.

Trusted contacts frees you from remembering answers to security questions, so you will be able to gain back access to your account, in case you think its been hacked or compromised. You may also visit facebook.com/hacked and report to Facebook that your account has been compromised.


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