Get Started With Facebook Voice Calling

Facebook has finally launched its video calling along with group chat and many more features as promised. Facebook partnered with Skype, a pioneering service in this domain, has made it finally available. While others are busy reviewing the service let us get a quick look at it and start making our first voice call on Facebook.

Set Up Facebook Voice Calling:

1. Visit the official Facebook Video Calling page. Press “Get Started”.

2. Once the chat list opens up, open the chat window for any online contact by simply clicking on his/her name in the chat list.

3. Once the chat window opens, click the (call-button-facebook-video-calling) button to start the video call.

4. However, you will now be prompted to complete a quick one time setup to get started with video calling on Facebook.


5. Press the “Set Up” button and it will initiate a download.

6. Once the FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.199.0 file is downloaded double-click it to open the Facebook Video Call Plugin Installer. Now as the installation completes, your browser will need to be restarted.

7. Now start a chat with any of your online contacts and press the (call-button-facebook-video-calling) button. You are good to go and have a voice chat with him.


8. If any of your friends make a Facebook video call to you you will get a notification like the one shown below.


Another good thing about this video calling feature is that you can send video messages to your Facebook friends as well.

Addition of voice calling certainly makes Facebook chat a more useful tool. Provided the count of Facebook users (750 million at the time of the announcement) this is going to be a major hit overnight. Ironically, this may have led to possible server outage due to massive requests as there are reports stating the Facebook voice call plugin failed to get downloaded. Fear not, it gets resolved after a couple of *failed* attempts.

The major downside of this new feature in Facebook chat is that it supports Windows systems only. That means Linux and Mac users will have to wait to have a taste of this.

So it is time you make a video call to your Facebook friend. Keep the comments coming.

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