A Better Way to Watch Videos On Your Facebook News Feed

After Google Plus, the Facebook team introduced quite a few healthy changes, thereby encouraging the sharing of videos and media content. From the past couple of months, you might have observed that users are sharing images, videos and funny clips more, rather than posting links or custom status updates. This trend has followed from Google Plus, which saw a heavy animated GIF activity in its early days.

I am a video addict. I watch all sorts of videos on Facebook, YouTube ad Twitter. The problem with watching videos on your Facebook news feed is that you have to pause the video for a while until the video has finished buffering completely. This can be quite irritating, especially when you are hurrying to see unread updates on your news feed and the video you want to watch isn’t buffering at all.

Most users scroll down to read the updates, reach the end of the news feed, click the “Older posts” button over and over again and then scroll back to the way top. Then they remember they did clicked a video in the middle as it has started making some sound. The loop starts all over again, you start scrolling down to find the video that is playing in your news feed and could not find it because by the time you scrolled down, there are 23 more unread updates, waiting to be read.

Confusing, eh?

In case you need a better way to watch videos shared on your Facebook news feed, try the Facebook Video player chrome extension. This extension adds a video pane on the right of your regular Facebook news feed, so you can watch the video in the right pane and scroll through the news feed, while the video is buffering

A better way to watch Facebook videos

The sheer advantage is that the video can be played anytime, and you can continue liking, commenting, scrolling or move back to your profile. The video is going to stick at the overlay window, unless you click the small cross button at the right corner of the page.

This is indeed a nifty way to watch Facebook videos in a clutter free environment, while keeping tabs on your friends updates, commenting on status updates and doing other Facebook activity. This extension is a must, if your internet connection is slow and you don’t want to buffer the same video more than once.

Facebook video player is a free download, ideally suited for video addicts who watch dozens of videos from their Facebook news feed, every single day.

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