Share your facebook Life stream and Photos as widgets

Now you can share your Facebook life stream and photos as widgets and add them in your blog or social networking profiles.Earlier only a Fan Box widget was available but now facebook has come up with a whole new widget center to share your life stream,photos and pages.

There are 5 widgets to choose from :Your profile badge,a photo badge to share your photos and albums,A life stream box which shows your status updates and that of your friends,a Fan Box of your page, and a related Facebook Page badge.

Facebook Life stream Badge

facebook-lifestreamThe facebook life stream badge looks cool.It features your updates as well as those of your friends in two distinct tabs.The best thing about this stream is that you can embed it anywhere (e.g your blog) and keep an eye on what’s happening in your facebook profile.Users can comment and add likes as they usually do with your facebook status updates.

In addition to the Life stream badge you can also create a fan page widget to your facebook page and embed it in your blog for added exposure.(See example)

Add a Facebook profile badge Widget in your Blog / social networks

Log in to your facebook profile and go to the Profile badge page.Start customizing your profile badge and when you are done copy the code in to your blog,website or social networks.Here is how the profile badge page looks


Apart from your profile image you can add your email address,social networks,Birthday,Mobile number and much more in your facebook profile badge.The profile badge can be arranged horizontally,vertically or in 2 columns.

Facebook photo Badge

Quite similar to your profile badge you can also create a badge with your facebook photos and albums as shown below


The resulting photo badge can be embedded in a webpage or in your social networks like Myspace,hi5 etc.( also see : Create a photo slideshow with your facebook albums )

The Facebook  Life stream widget will be popular over time and we can see people replacing their Friend feed or twitter streams with the facebook one.


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