Facing Severe downtimes : Now Shifted to Doreo

First of all  Sorry readers ! The  Blog was Experiencing heavy trafiic and our Bandwidth was consumed.We were Down for two days until Someone came to our rescue.

We have shifted our hosting  provider to Doreo and hope bandwidth will never be a problem from Now on.

So who rescued us ? None other than our old friend Satish from Technotip.From fixing the permalink Structure When the Blog was Born to after nearly 1 year,Satish  has always given us personal attention and yet again helped us shift  from a “Dead” hosting provider to a professional one.

Thanks Satish for tolerating me at G talk for hours,Answering my non stop questions and showing me the correct path.Also thanks to QOT for the Tweets and the Guidance.

What Went Wrong ?

Everything was going fine until one day we found a heavy rush of traffic from stumbleupon.Our Unique visitors increased to about 200 % and as usual our bandwidth was consumed.I had no idea about the bandwidth usage and how it can crash your blog in a day if you are on limited bandwidth.

We decided to switch to another Hosting provider but Yet again : problem.The Guy with whom we bought the domain denied to give us the Go-daddy login.Without the godaddy login we could not set our name servers to the new host(thanks QOT for the tweets). It would sound Crazy but we had to assault the Guy’s house for the godaddy login and we managed it somehow.(Thanks Sourav )

Special thanks to Frank (Customer support at Doreo) for Helping me in Exporting the WordPress files and database via live chat.

The blog will be Normal in a day or two.I am feeling very tired now ,Two sleepless nights and a hassle  but thank god my Blog is restored ! Thanks again guys .Without you people god knows what would have happened !


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