Find Out What’s Common Between You And a Twitter Friend

What are the topics or keywords you tweet the most ? Which topics on Twitter grab your attention? Twinterest tells you just that.

Twinterest creates an activity graph of your Twitter account and finds the keywords, topics and hash tags you tweet the most. Simply, authorize the application all the necessary permissions and Twinterest will create an activity graph of your Twitter account by scanning your recent as well as archived Tweets.

Here is the interest graph for my Twitter account

So Twinterest tells me that I am more interested in Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Manmohan Singh when it comes to politics. On the movie and celebrity side, I am more inclined towards Bollywood when compared to Hollywood movies. In the tech and computers section, I am more interested about Microsoft, Google and Wikipedia than Yahoo and frequently tweet about YouTube.

The site organizes the topics in different sections. For example: The places section lists which places or locations you love to tweet about, the music section lists which songs or albums you love listening to while the TV interests section shows which television channels or programs about whom you have tweeted in the past.

Overall, Twinterest is a nice way to know which Twitter topics interest you and which are the things you love to tweet about.

Find The Interest graph Of Your Twitter Friends

The friends section shows a list of friends who have recently used Twinterest, you can use it to find out what’s common between you and a particular Twitter friend.

As an example, I chose Mr Matt Cutts and found out that we share a total of 49 interests. Following is the result:

So if you want to find out what’s common between you and a Twitter friend, it’s worth giving Twinterest a try. Just ask your friend to follow you on Twitter and try Twinterest at least once, Twinterest will archive the interest and activity graph of your Twitter friend so that you can check back his interests at a later point of time.

Note: Twinterest has been founded by Mr Amit kapur, the CEO of Gravity and formerly the COO of MySpace

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