How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files,Folders and Images In Windows

Overtime your system may be occupied by duplicate or clone folders with the same Images,files or songs.Learn How you can scan your Computer for Duplicate Files,folders and similar looking Images and safely delete them.

Find duplicate Files In your Computer

DoubleKiller is a free windows Application that can Scan Multiple folders at once and remove duplicate files.You can always  exclude files based on their name, file type, attributes or size . You can use your Own Masks like (*.dll or *.mp3) to Limit scanning of System Files as well

DoublekillerWhen the Scan is complete Doublekiller presents you a list so that You can choose which Files to remove and Which to keep. You can also Move the duplicate Files to another directory If you wish.

No installation is required to run Doublekiller.Just extract and run it to remove duplicate files and free up Space in your System. The Only downside I find is that You can’t restore Deleted files using Doublekiller.

Another Similar Software is Easy Duplicate Finder.They also Have a Portable version So you can carry it in your Usb and use in Multiple Computers

Find Duplicate Images and Photos

Duplifinder can be used to remove Identical images,wallpapers from your computer.Even If the File sizes are different Duplifinder can Identify them and Show you the results.So in addition to find exactly duplicate files (based on the File sizes and format) you can also scan your computer for similar looking images


Find Duplicate Folders and Directories In Your computer

Clonetools is a Tool which can Scan your Computer for Duplicate Folders  and Directories.It is the Best Utility to detect Folder Clones In your Computer.Even if your Duplicate folders have different names it Shows you the Folder clones once the scan is Complete.


Clonetools comes with a trial period of 30 Days so you can have a demo before you wish to buy it.


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