How To Find IMEI Number Of Your Lost Android Device

The IMEI number is International Mobile Equipment Identity Number, that is unique and is associated with every phone. Every mobile phones and tablets have their own IMEI number. This number helps to identify a device in a mobile network. One can easily get IMEI number of any phone by dialing *#06# from his device. However, the number can be found in mobile purchasing bill also.

Generally, in case of any device loss, we have to produce the IMEI number to police and law-of-enforcement agency to track and recover the Android device. Sometimes we submit the IMEI number of a lost phone to mobile network agencies to blacklist the IMEI number so that the user can’t use any mobile network to that phone.


But, what would you do when you lose the phone in a remote city far away from your home? Or what will happen if you just loss the mobile purchasing bill of your lost android device? As I have just mentioned that you have to produce the IMEI number of the mobile to police agency to make a report against your phone theft. If you are an android device user, you can easily check the IMEI number remotely.

You probably know that one can erase all the data remotely from an Android device using Android Device Manager. In a similar way, the IMEI number of remote android device can be detected online. Let’s see how.

Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Device

  • Just open the browser from any android device or from your PC.
  • Head over to the following link:
  • Log in to Google Dashboard using the credentials used in stolen android device.
  • After you sign in to dashboard, click the arrow mark next to Android.


  • You will find a list of devices associated to that Google account.
  • Just copy the IMEI number of the lost mobile device and that’s all.

This is a great way to recover the IMEI number of a lost phone. Android device is getting popular throughout the world and this is another major reason. For any other phone, you can find the IMEI number to the customer copy.

Update (04/10/2017)

It seems the option has been removed from corresponding Google Dashboard. Now there is only one method to find the IMEI number of a stolen or lost Android mobile. You need to have the invoice of your mobile where the IMEI number should be enlisted. Or, you can also check the mobile box. A sticker should be attached to your mobile box containing the IMEI number.



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