Find Nearby Wireless HotSpots using Wefi

Using a wireless network to broewse the internet has it’s own advantages. You do not have to worry about cables, connections and sit in that chair to browse the internet. You can use Wireless hotspots to connect to internet from your computer, iPod, iPad or may be your mobile.

Wireless hotspots are not always secure, but you have to use a software which can detect available Wireless hotspots in our area. Wefi is one of the best application to detect Wireles hotspots and connect to them. You can also use this tool to connect with your friends and find new ones.


Using the application is simple and straight forward, just run it and it will start scanning and detecting nearby wireless networks. If available, it will connect to them automatically. The tool also shows the signal strength of the Wi-fi hot spots, which can be useful if you want to manually connect to a hotspot for better speed.

The program can send you to a webpage where you can see all the nearby hotspots mapped out. Information of each hotspot is shown alongside the network e.g Network name, SSID and so on. You can use the software to upload the information of the Wi-fi network in a the We-fi maps.

The people tab shows the number of people connected to the Wireless network you are using.

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