Find The Most Trending Links Shared on Facebook

The problem with the default Facebook search is that it is not a very good way to find popular links or blog posts that are shared on the social site by other users. The search results are often crowded with status messages from users which is of little or no interest, while the “Posts by friends” query shows links shared by only your friends.

If you spend a good amount of time on Facebook and want a quick way to know the trending topics or hottest links shared by other Facebook users, here are two sites which may be useful.

The first one is – think of it as a Tweetmeme for Facebook users. The site has different categories – videos, images, sports, Gaming, tech, comedy and each page shows the posts which have received the maximum votes or shares.

Find Most Shared Facebook Links and Posts

The stories or links which get the maximum “Facebook share” are pulled by the site. The site isn’t account specific, which means you can access the site even if you do not have a Facebook account. The design is a little web 1.0 and there isn’t any way to search for topics of your interest but still it’s a good way to find most popular Facebook links or stories that are shared the maximum number of times.

The second one is Booshaka – it lets you enter a keyword in the search box and see the hottest stories or links revolving around the keyword. There is a sweet dropdown which you can use to your advantage – filtering most popular, trending or recently popular Facebook links.

Find Most Popular Facebook Posts and Links

Unlike, Booshaka judges the popularity of a Facebook link from the number of likes, comments, shares and the time it is shared.

Do you use any other website to find links that are popular on Facebook? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Tip: Find what your Facebook friends Are “Liking” across the web.


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