Find And Share Geotagged Photos With Panoramio

Imagine you are travelling to a new city and want to know about the tourist locations, restaurants, shopping malls or other places which are worth a visit. While you can always use Google Images, Flickr or other web services to find related pictures from a specific city, here is a tool which makes life easy when you want to find Geotagged photos from all over the web.

Enter Panoramio – a great service which can be used to find relevant and geotagged pictures of any location on earth. You can use panoramio to find the websites which has pictures of a given place  and also see the location of the same picture in a Google Map (see example – NYC ).

Find Geotagged photos of a city

Panoramio collects the data from Google places, Picasa web albums, Google Earth and other Google products so the service has really a large collection of geotagged photos uploaded by common users around the world. You can use the site to find HD images of popular tourist destinations, some of the examples can be found here, here and here.

Sharing Geotagged Photos with Panoramio:

Uploading photos to panoramio is quick and easy, just sign in with your Google account credentials, select the photos and upload them to your panoramio account. You can also use the Picasa desktop client to upload photos to your Picasa web albums account and share it on Panoramio.

All in all, Panoramio is one of the best websites to share geotagged photos and make them discoverable. Don’t forget to have a look at the tags page !


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