Find Street View Images Of Popular Locations And Compare How They Looked In History

Want to quickly share the street view image of a location with friends or family member? is an instant way to find the street view images of any location just by typing it’s address. You go to the website, type in the address of a location or enter some relevant words that describe where the location possibly could be (example – HSBC bank near Times square, NYC)

The site then returns an array of street view images of the same or near by places.

Next, you can save the image in your computer or browse through other street view suggestions provided by You are also given a unique link of the image, so that you can instantly share the street view image with your friends. see example

If street view images are not available for the location which you are searching for, the site returns a satellite image from Google maps, which can also be shared with anyone via Twitter, Facebook or through an email message. A neat idea may be to use the website with your own mobile and then share the street view image of your current location with friends and followers.

The navigation map is also quite useful, simply drag the icon on the navigation map anywhere down the road or walk around through different streets.

Result: the street view images change automatically, according to your location on the map. Impressive !

There is not much difference between and Street view in Google Maps, the former is just an application of the latter. Give this a try, it’s a really cool Google maps application to find street view images. Thanks Keir Clarke for the tip

Compare Street View Images Of a Location – See How The Same Place Looked Earlier

In case you want to find historical images of a city, country or location, have a look at HistoryPin – another awesome Google Maps application which compares the current street view images of a city to how it looked in past.

HistoryPin works exactly similar to, all you have to do is enter the address of the location whose street view imagery you want to compare to a past date. The site uses Google Maps and Google’s street view technology to share images of streets, buildings, cities, villages and lets anyone compare them side by side.

Here are two images of Cornhill, UK, street view has made it possible to compare how the same place looked 100 years ago.

CornHill – 1905

Find Street View Images Of Historical Places

CornHill – present day

Compare Google Street view images

The images can also be dated and geo tagged, then placed on the street view photography so that other users can explore the images over time. The older images are submitted to HistoryPin by users across the globe, the app tries to read the information, tags and other attributes of the image and finds the nearest street view image of that very location.

Extremely creative !

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