Firefox Live Bookmarks : Change the update Interval and Update Multiple Feeds together

You may be wondering how could you change the update Interval Of Live bookmarks in Firefox So that You can Get the information of your Feeds instantly .  If you use a large Number of Firefox live Bookmarks then  updating each bookmark manually consumes some precious amount of time. Learn how you can automatically update all your Live Bookmarks by the touch of a button.

The default time to Update the Feeds is one per hour which is really long and every time you want to Update a Feed item you have to Manually do it . This becomes very Much Impossible if you have Dozens of Feeds to be checked in the Live Bookmarks Toolbar.


How to Change the Update Interval For Firefox Live Bookmarks ?

Type about :config in the Firefox Address bar and filter the following Key :


If you haven’t tweaked your settings earlier then you will see something blank like this :


Right click In the Blank area of the Screen and choose a New Integer. Copy the above Key and paste it Into the Name Field and Set  your preferred time in seconds ( For example : 300 to set the Update Interval to 5 Minutes)

Note : Do not Set this Value too Low (minimum value accepted is 60 seconds)

Install Reliby : An Extension to Reload all Live Bookmarks By Just one click

You can Use the Reliby Firefox Extension to  reload all your Live Bookmarks in one go. Just hit a Button and all  your Firefox live bookmarks will auto update themselves.

I Use the Live Bookmark Feature to Cover Breaking Stories on Digg and other Social Media Sites so I get the News as Soon as It hits. Reducing the Live Bookmark reload time and auto updating multiple feeds has considerably Helped in checking  and Updating the Feeds !

Also Do check out The Feed Sidebar Extension. It arranges All Your Live Bookmarks neatly in a Sidebar  and you can Specifically Update and Customize each RSS feed.


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