How To Keep Firefox Plugins Up To Date

Running outdated copies of Firefox plugins can really slow down Firefox and result in the consumption of heavy memory usages. Keeping your third-party plugins up to date helps Firefox run safely and smoothly.

Here is a quick tip using which you can check whether you are running an outdated version of a Firefox plugin or not. If you find that there is a newer version of a particular Firefox plugin available, you can download the latest version of the plugin and upgrade it manually.

1. While Firefox is running, click Tools > Add-ons and switch to the Plugins tab (not the “Extensions”)

Manually update Firefox plugins

2. Click the “Find Updates” button and this will open a new browser tab on Firefox. Firefox will then check whether any of the installed plugins needs an upgrade or whether any of your Firefox plugins are potentially vulnerable. The status check is done by checking the current version number of the installed plugin on your computer and tallying it with the latest version available on the vendor’s website.

Firefox Plugins Status

As you can see, I was running an older version of Adobe Acrobar Firefox plugin as well as an outdared version of Microsoft Silverlight plugin for Firefox. This may be one of the reasons why Firefox was crashing every other hour, when i opened too many tabs or watched 2-3 YouTube videos simultaneously.

3. To update these Firefox plugins, click the button next to each of the plugins and you will be taken to the vendor’s website where you can download the latest version of the plugin and install it. There is no way to install or upgrade multiple Firefox plugins in one shot (just like Firefox add-ons and extensions). You have to click the “upgrade” button one by one to complete the plugin upgrade procedure.

When you are done with the upgrade, restart Firefox, run the plugin check again and you should see the status report as “up to date”.

What about you ? Do you keep your Firefox plugins up to date ?

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