Fix Error 0x80070422 while Installing Apps from Windows Store

Although, Windows is a very easy to use operating system yet, sometime you can get problems due to big as well as small reasons. There is probably no Windows user, who hasn’t fallen in problems while using Windows at least once. As Microsoft has included several new features in Windows 10, you can get more other new type of problems in those features.

For example, you can get different types of error code while doing something in Windows including updating Windows, installing app from Windows Store etc. Today, here I am going to show you a problem that generally doesn’t appear in Windows but it can be appeared anytime if you have done a particular thing.

Error code 0x80070422, which can be appeared in Windows Store while installing apps. It not a regular problem and the solution is pretty different. Generally, Windows should not know such problem and the follow situation is the source of this problem. If you know the cause of this problem, you can solve it within moments.

Fix error 0x80070422


Let’s assume that you have disabled Windows Updates using Services, which comes under Administrative Tools. Now, Microsoft has launched some patches and updates for Windows 10 and you haven’t install them as your update is blocked by the Services. Therefore, now if you go to install any app from Windows Store, you will confront with such error code. No matter whatever you do, but you would not be able to solve this issue.

Fix Error 0x80070422 while Installing Apps from Windows Store

As said before, you can get a solution if you know the source of this problem. As you have already known that you are getting it because of disabling Windows Update, you will have to install Windows Updates or at least enable Windows Update to solve it.

Therefore, open Control Panel. You can press Win + X and go to Control Panel. Alternatively, you can search for Control Panel in Cortana search box. Now, you can find Administrative Tools on your screen. Go for it. Here, you should get an option called Services.  If you do not want to do all these things, you can simply search for Services in Cortana search box or Taskbar search box.

In the Services window, you can find an option called Windows Update. Double click on this to open respective settings. You should get Disabled in the drop-down menu that is labelled Startup type.

Enable Windows Update using Services

Just expand the drop-down menu and select Manual.

That’s it! Now, hit the OK button to save your changes. After that, you can open and install new app from Windows Store without getting any error.



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