Fix Error Code 0x8007267c : We couldn’t activate Windows

Microsoft launched Windows 10 with loads of improvements and experiments. As a result, Windows 10 has become one of the most trending and useful operating system for any type of people including student, office employee, teacher, gamer, developer so forth. Although, Microsoft has implemented a smooth finishing, yet, some people are facing different problems. The very first problem users can face is We couldn’t activate Windows error with an error code 0x8007267c.

This is a common problem people can get while trying to activate the Windows 10 after a fresh installation. No matter, what method you have used to install Windows 10 on your machine, you can get this same issue. This is quite awkward and sometime; it can be time consuming for you if you cannot find any solution.

If you cannot find any solution or in other words, if you cannot activate your Windows 10, you cannot use it fully. Your system will block you customize different things. Moreover, you cannot use your system for more than 3 days.

Therefore, to fix error code 0x8007267c in Windows 10/8/8.1, here is a solution. Actually, you need to know the root of the problem. Otherwise, you cannot solve this issue.

Fix Error Code 0x8007267c


Error Code 0x8007267c occurs when you try to activate your Windows 10 machine online. This Windows 10 activation error occurs when you do not have any internet connection or your connected network is having some problem. Therefore, the very first solution is you need a valid internet connection. otherwise, you cannot activate your Windows 10 and keep getting this error.

The aforementioned solution should fix this issue right away. If you are still getting this problem continuously, you can fix it by activating your Windows 10 using phone. Microsoft allows users to activate any Windows edition through mobile.

You just need to verify your product key over a call and then write down 48 digit activate code, which will be given by Microsoft. To do so, just press Win + R, type slui.exe 4 and hit enter.

Following that, enter your product key and follow the screen. It will let you solve error code 0x8007267c.


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