Fix: Installed apps are missing from All apps on Windows 10

Through Windows 10, Microsoft has re-launched the Start Menu, which is much more useful and good looking now. The overall look of Windows 10 is really awesome and the Start Menu makes it even more beautiful. This new Start menu is more useful than previous one those were in Windows XP or Windows 7. This is because it can carry more features and apps than earlier.

For instance, you can get live tiles, file explorer link, Settings, most used apps, power buttons and a link to disclose all installed apps. The last mentioned feature is pretty common among Windows 7 users as Windows captures recently installed apps in the Start menu so that users can find and use them quickly.

However, in Windows 10, some people have claimed that some of their installed apps are missing from All apps on Windows 10 Start Menu. Previously, this problem was being claimed by only Windows 10 Pro users. But, now, almost all the variants’ users are claiming the same issue on various forum. That means, if you are getting a similar problem, you should not panic since it has a workaround.

Actually, there is no solution to get the missing apps back since there is no option at all. Windows 10 captures them automatically. But, there is a trick that can let you know why are you getting such problem on Windows 10. The official Office forum has published an article with a source of this particular problem.

Fix: Installed apps are missing from All apps on Windows 10

The Start menu of Windows 10 cannot carry more than 512 apps. That means, if you have more than 512 apps in All apps list, you cannot pin more app in All apps list until or unless you make some free space.

The most awkward thing is Windows 10 Start menu counts each and every app. That means, if you have install Office package, it will not count it as one. It will count all the apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. So, if you think you have more than 512 apps on Start menu, you can need another trick. But, before doing so, let’s find out the number of apps you have in All apps list.

Open Windows PowerShell and enter the following command,

Get-StartApps | measure

Fix Installed apps are missing from All apps on Windows 10

It will show you the number of installed apps. Actually, it counts all the apps those are currently on your Start menu.

Now, you can only pin the app to Taskbar if you need that quickly. To pin any app to Taskbar, just use Taskbar search box to find that out, right click on that and select Pin to Taskbar.

This is the only solution of this problem. Hope you will find it useful.

Via: Office Support


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