Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue on Android Mobile

It doesn’t matter whether you are using mobile or computer, but internet always plays a vital role in your life. From banking to ticket booking, everything is possible over the internet. However, if you are getting very slow internet speed on the phone, here are some possible solutions to fix slow internet connection issue on Android mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you are using mobile network/cellular data or Wi-Fi, these following solutions would be beneficial for you if you have a slow speed issue.

Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue on Android Mobile

As mentioned earlier, slow connection speed can happen while using the mobile network as well as Wi-Fi. Therefore, the solutions are quite different in either case. The first couple of solutions are mainly for them, who are using the mobile network only.


The mobile network plays an important role in this case. As you already know about the 2G, 3G, and 4G connections, you should also know that 4G is comparatively faster than other two generations. However, that is not always true since it depends on the network coverage by your mobile network provider. Still, there are some places, where you may not get as good 3G connection as 4G. Being said that, you can change the network and see whether it solves your problem or not. For that, open the Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Preferred network type.

Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue on Android Mobile

From the drop-down menu, choose another connection type and see whether it fixes the issue or not.

Network Coverage

If you live in a place, where a particular network’s connection is too weak, you will never get good speed at any cost. Although nowadays, every provider is working hard to fix that issue, still there are many odd places, where you might face such problem. Trekkers mainly encounter this problem. In that case, you cannot do anything from your end.

Poor Broadband

If you have very poor broadband, and you are sharing your broadband connection using a Wi-Fi router, you will never get good speed at all. It doesn’t matter how good your router is; you always need a good broadband speed.

Old router

Although there is a very little chance, it can happen to you. Moisture is the worst enemy of any electronic device. With that said, you need to check the router’s health frequently if you have an old router. On the other hand, you should also check the Ethernet cable. If moisture is covering it entirely, this is the time when you need to replace the connector. This problem can cause ping loss as well.

2.5 GHz vs. 5 GHz

Nowadays, most of the Android mobiles do support 5 GHz wireless connection. Therefore, if you are using 2.5 GHz connection, you can change it to 5 GHz and see whether it solves your issue or not. The main difference between these two wireless connection types is speed and range. 2.5 GHz connection is slow, but the range is better. On the other hand, 5GHz wireless connection’s range is short, but the speed is much better than 2.5 GHz. Therefore, if you often sit next to the Wi-Fi router, you can try to change the type and see the difference. Although different manufacturers provide this option differently, you can still find it after logging into the router’s control panel.

Congested Wi-Fi

If you are using a public Wi-Fi, there is a high chance that your router is very crowded. Railway station, airport, super market’s Wi-Fi are very congested since loads of people try to connect to that network. That is the reason, why you might get slow internet speed. If that happens, you cannot do anything except trying another network.

Router position

It was just a myth until some proved it right. Router’s location can increase or decrease your internet connection. If your Wi-Fi router is on the ground floor and you are sitting on the first floor, apparently, you cannot get a good speed until you have a booster. Apart from that, you should always put your router on the table or somewhere above from floor. You should also place it far away from other electronic gadgets.

Restricted Speed by Admin

If you are using the college Wi-Fi, you should know that there is always a speed cap made by the network administrator. Thousands of students have this same problem in college, school, etc. However, if you have mistakenly set this function ON, you will slower speed, based on the settings. Therefore, check the router’s control panel and try to find that out.

There are some of the conventional solutions that you can try out. However, these following solutions are mobile specific. Being said that, if the solutions as mentioned earlier have not fixed your issue, you can try out these solutions as well.

Scan for malware/adware

Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue on Android Mobile

If you have recently seen weird behavior on your mobile, there is a chance that malware or any adware infect your mobile. This is a prevalent issue people have been facing for a long time now. There are two ways to get that fixed. First, you can scan your mobile with a reliable antivirus for PC. Or, you can install any of these following tools and scan the full system properly.

  • Avast Mobile Security: This is a mighty, reliable, and free security shield for Android that you can install on Android 2.3.3 and later version. Although it comes with AppLocker functionality, you might not need that in this case. The antivirus engine scans the whole system for suspicious file and can remove them right away.
  • Malwarebytes Security: Malwarebytes is famous for its functionality. This time, you can install the Malwarebytes Security on Android mobile at free of cost and scan the mobile for the virus, or adware. This is much faster than Avast, but it takes a lot more space.
  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: When you need a lightweight security shield, you should not opt for anything else except this one. This is an all-in-one security app for Android, which is available for free for Android 4.1 and later version.

Uninstall unused apps

We all have at least one app in our mobile which has not been used in last 15 days. Sometimes, we install an app but forget about it after a couple of days. This is when you need to uninstall that app from your mobile. As no third-party app is required, you can just open up the app drawer to find out the culprit.

Change browser

Google Play Store offers a lot of free web browsers for android mobiles. You can find browser like “Browser” and “5G Web Browser”, but you should not use them until you know the reality. They can drain your battery without even providing a reasonable speed. As the browser speed plays a role in your experience, you should always opt for a better browser like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. These are two of the best browsers out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. They are fast, reliable, and do not come with any additional advertisements.

Slow VPN

Fix Slow Internet Connection Issue on Android Mobile

If you are using VPN or Virtual Private Network app, you should know everything about the app before using. The server of VPN app can determine your browsing speed. If the VPN’s server is slow, there is no chance of getting good browsing and downloading or streaming speed. At the same time, a fast server can improve the user experience. That is why you should install a high rated VPN app on your mobile. Some of the best VPN apps for Android are mentioned below:

  • Hotspot Shield: This is probably the best VPN app for Android that offers a quite good server. You can get almost 20 countries or servers that you can connect to. The servers are very stable, and hence, you should not face any problem at all.
  • ProtonVPN: Although this is comparatively newer than other apps, you should find any problem or bug while using this VPN app. Although the premium edition offers “secure core,” the free version is not bad at all. You can find 4-5 servers including USA, Australia, etc. those are fast. The best part is you can check whether a server is congested or not.
  • TunnelBear VPN: TunnelBear VPN is quite old and very much reliable when it comes to fast servers. If you do not browse the internet a lot, you should use this VPN since it has bandwidth limitations. You can quickly switch from one server to another if you are not getting desired speed.

Hope these simple solutions would be helpful for you.

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