How to Fix “The VMware Authorization Service is not running” Error on Windows

VMware Workstation is a powerful, stable and most trustworthy virtual machine maker out there for Windows. Every Windows user, who wants to create a virtual machine to get rid of unusual problems while trying a new software, VMware comes first in the list to try out.

VMware is a stable software to provide much better experience on virtual machine so that users can eliminate unnecessary issues like hanging and lagging. VMware needs a lot of memory usage to run smoothly. Not only memory but also it requires running various background apps to be running continuously so that users can get better experience.

On the other hand, it sets some apps to start at start up or Windows boot. Although, it makes your Windows comparatively slower than initial days, but you may sometime need to do this. If you have mistakenly disabled some features and now VMware Wordstation is showing some errors on your screen before starting the virtual machine, here is the solution.

The most common problem is The VMware Authorization Service is not running. The error looks like the following window.

vmware workstation error

If you are getting this error continuously, no matter how many time you restart VMware Workstation or reboot your machine, the problem will still appearing on your screen. Therefore, you will not be able to start any installed virtual machine. To solve this error, do follow the following steps.

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How to solve The VMware Authorization Service is not running error?

This is actually very easy. The problem comes out continuously because the VMware service has been stopped due to something. You need to run the VMware service to get rid of this problem. To do so, the following steps are enough.

At first, open Command Prompt with Administrative privilege. If you are on Windows 8 and later version, you can press Win + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).

open command prompt with admin privilege

If you are using Windows 7, you need to make a search for cmd in the Start Menu, right click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run as Administrator.

After opening Command Prompt with admin privilege, type services.msc and hit enter button.

enter command to open services

It will open another new window. Now, scroll down and find out VMware Authorization Service.

Find out vmware authorization service

Note: All the enlisted options are sorted by Alphabetically.

After getting the desired option, double click on this and open the VMware Authorization Service Properties. I am sure that the Service Status is Stopped. If so, just click on the Start button.

Start VMware Authorization Service

It takes only two or three seconds to start the VMware Authorization Service. After running, click on OK and close everything. Now, you can start your virtual machine that is installed through VMware.

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  1. Rick White says:

    My problem is as follows:
    VMware Authorization service will not install. It doesn’t exist in the list of services.
    I’ve reinstalled VMware Workstation V12 several times, but this service does not exist!
    Who has a solution for this?

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