FlickrEdit: Backup, Upload Flickr Photos From Your Desktop

Flickr is a great way to share your photographic moments across the web. Using it from the web interface was fine, but as always a desktop alternative would have been great. FlickEdit is a free tool that can let you access, backup and upload to Flickr right from your desktop.

FlickrEdit window

Download FlickrEdit and install it. Since the application uses Java web start, you’ll need to have Java platform installed on your PC. Although you can also download Windows executable files from here. Once the installation is finished, start the application.

Use the login button to the top right corner of the window to log into your Flickr account. Use the button “New User” and you will be instructed to provide access to your account. Act as instructed.

Authorize FlickrEdit

NOTE: While clicking the New User button, make sure the “write” option is selected under “Permissions”.

Now that you have successfully provided FlickrEdit access to your account, you will get to see all the images you had uploaded till date. You can then download all of them (or selected) for creating a backup. To create a backup select the images and use the “Backup Selected” button that can be located in the bottom right corner.

Backup Flickr

Using FlickrEdit you can also upload images to your Flickr account.

Upload to Flickr

You can also edit selected image to add description, title and many other parameters.

Removing Flickr Access:

If at any point of time, you wish to remove FlickrEdit authentication from your account, follow these steps:

1. Login to Flickr.

2. Go to You > Your Apps > Apps You Are Using.

3. Now use the option Remove Permissions and then finally revoke access.

Revoke Access to Flickredit

The tool is a good way to access multiple Flickr accounts at one place. Creating backups is also a nice way to be safe. However the tool fails to keep the promise to edit the images. Some image editing options (other than rotating the images) if provided, would have made the tool a better tool.


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