Flow – Control Gadgets using Gestures

Controlling calls, SMS, lock or unlock mobiles, PC using hand gestures is not a new thing. However, Flow is being developed by some amazing people that will control your devices with hand gestures. This control doesn’t mean only lock or unlock device or any other basic things.

Flow – Control Gadgets using Gestures

Introducing Flow – The Wireless Controller

Flow is an innate wireless controller for mobiles, tablet and PC that will let you do anything deprived of having a direct touch. Do not be so foolish by comparing it with wireless mouse. A mouse is the one that uses only two fingers. That means, you have to use less muscle to do everything – even when you can use 100% of your hand. Flow is something is will help you to use 29 bones, 34 muscles and 48 nerves of your hand to control any device that you own.

Even though, Flow is still under development but they have launched a promo video and demonstrated the entire workflow. As of now, Flow has managed to arrange more than $115k within few couple of days, when their target was only $50,000. They have reached to their goal within three days.

Flow Development

As of now, Flow is targeting to help in graphic designing, video editing or CAD. According to Flow, mouse and keyboard do not know how to utilize a human’s hand or fingers. Flow is designed and functioned to control any smart gadgets such as mobile, laptop, tablets using gestures. You can carry it in your pocket, use it at the office or anywhere with any gadget.

As of now, Flow has been tested with various ways including Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple, Vimeo, Linux, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more. It had already been tested with more than 30 applications those are related to music, video editing and graphic designing.

Importance of Flow

Flow can be used at anywhere. Hence, it can be used in various purposes. As you can have more muscles to use a particular device, obviously, everything will be done faster. This is a plus point.

Advantage of Flow

#1: Suppose, you are using Photoshop and you have rotate a photo over a layer. For instance, you have to rotate a photo by 180˚. If you use mouse, you will have to click on the picture and then swipe your mouse wither from left to right or vice versa. However, if you use Flow to do the same thing, you will have to rotate your fingers either clockwise or anti-clockwise. This can be done within moments.

#2: Suppose, you want to select an option in is located under three or four main options. Mouse users need to click on those options one by one to select the desired option. But, Flow users do not have to do all those time consuming things since they can do the same thing by shortcut.

Tech Specifications of Flow

After reading all these things, you might be confused about the pairing. Isn’t it? Let me tell the tech specification, which will clear your doubt.

Tech Specifications of Flow

Flow runs via Bluetooth. That means, both of your devices much have Bluetooth to run. Flow has Bluetooth LE / 4.1 /Smart. On the other hand, it has an exchangeable battery that can provide 4 months of backup. It can handle 360 degrees angular positioning touch, has infrared based hand gesture recognition luminosity. The build quality pretty much good. It is built with aluminum and stainless steel.

Setup Flow

The entire setup is as simple as ABCD. You just need to turn on Flow and your mobile or PC that has Bluetooth connectivity. Then, you need to connect both devices. That’s it!

Video Tour

Bottom Line

Doubtlessly, Flow is awesome and there should not be any alternative to this gadget. The workflow, design, build, tech specification and all the other things are brilliant. Hope this gadget would be helpful for everyone to get things done faster.

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