Diagram Designer Lets you Create Flowcharts and Network Diagrams from Windows

We have earlier discussed some free tools to create pie charts, venn diagrams and flow charts online.  There is Lovely charts which lets you create network diagrams and flow charts using just a browser and an internet connection. But sometimes, you may need a desktop software to create flow charts and network diagrams, without using third party sites and internet.

You can create flow charts in Ms-paint or Microsoft Powerpoint but one of the disadvantages of using them is the output. You have to manually draw the shapes, add text and often, the output is not uniform – some shapes are larger while some are smaller. Another disadvantage of using MS-paint is that the flow charts have to be saved as an image and if you want to modify the items later on, you have to start over from scratch.

MeeSoft’s Diagram Designer is one of the best software programs to create flowcharts and network diagrams in Windows. Once the program is installed, just drag and drop the elements in the workspace and connect them using the desired connectors. You can add different shapes e.g decision box, rhombus, rectangle, process, user input etc.

Create Flowcharts using Diagram Designer
Diagram Designer

Once the flow chart is complete, you can save the project and export the flow chart as an image. The best part about Diagram designer is that the program lets you add your images in the flowchart. The program also supports multiple pages – so you can save several charts inside one .DDD file.

Diagram designer works in Windows XP, WIndows Vista and Windows7. Thanks DownloadSquad.

Tip: Use Google Docs to create Charts and graphs


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