The Easiest Way to Follow Up An Earlier Sent Email

You send a dozens of email every single day and wait for the replies to come in. Some emails are really time critical, so you eagerly wait for either a reply or an action from the recepient.

But then time flies and there is no answer – 1 day, 2 days and a week and still the response is nowhere to be seen, how do you manage following up important emails or ping recepients?

Followupthen is a really easy way to send follow up email reminders to anyone, if the recipient has not responded within a desired time interval. All you have to do is add a CC to and send the email to the recepient. If the receiver fails to respond within the specified time interval, he/she will automatically receive a reminder from the Followupthen service.

Example: Say you are sending an email to and want a reply within 1 hour. Just add a new cc field as and send the email. If the recipient does not reply within 1 hour, they will be pinged by Some other common examples are, or

This can be very useful when you want to get rid of remembering or finding important emails and don’t want to remind the recipient over and over again. You can also add a BCC field as and the reminder will be sent only to you. A very nice way to keep reminding yourself of important tasks and email that needs your attention.

Watch the following video to get an idea how Followupthen works:


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