How to Force Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has been developing Windows for a long time now but this is the first time when Microsoft has launched such as awesome and useful operating system for the users. Although, Windows 7 was a big hit in the market but Windows 8 and 8.1 didn’t perform as good as Windows 7 did. But, the latest operating system or version of Windows aka Windows 10 is probably the best OS for any kind of people including student, gamers, UI designers, developers or anybody in the world and that is the reasons why Windows 10 has been downloaded millions of times.

Recently, Microsoft has released Anniversary Update for existing Windows 10 users. In simple words, Anniversary Update is nothing but a bundle of updates and enhancements to spruce up Windows 10.

To install Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you have to do a simple task. Just open Update section of new System panel of Windows, search for updates and install Windows 10 Version 1607. That is the standard method to install the Anniversary Update on your Windows.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

But, some people are not getting this update right now. Although, ISO download is another method that can help you to get Anniversary Update but that will remove all the things that you current have since clean install needs to format the system drive for single boot.

If you are getting issues to download Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your existing Windows 10 machine, you can follow this guide. In this case, you have to download a tool from Microsoft Website that is called Windows Update Assistant. It basically helps users to update their Windows to the latest version. You can use the same to install Windows 10 Version 1607.

Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update using Windows Update Assistant

Windows Update Assistant is a free and portable tool but you can install it as well. Anyway, at first, head over to this page and download Windows Update Assistant on your Windows computer. After opening it on your computer, you can find a screen something like the following picture,

Update to the latest version of Windows using Windows Update Assistant

Click on Update Now button. Therefore, it will check the hardware compatibility. So, give it a few seconds to show you the result. If you have got a screen something like this, you can go ahead.

PC Compatibility using Windows Update Assistant

By clicking Next, you will ask Windows Update Assistant to download the Anniversary Update to your machine.

How to Force Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update

After downloading, you will get a Restart button on your screen. Just click on that to start the installation. It will take a few minutes to get things done. So, keep calm and do not turn off your computer or press any key unless you are asked to do so.


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