Best Free Android Apps to Backup Data Easily

Nowadays, many people face problems due to not having a proper backup. Let’s assume that ransomware or malware has attacked you and you need to format your device for any reason. At that moment, if you have full backup, you can easily do that format. To help you in such situations, you can try out these free Android apps to backup data within moments.

The best app to backup Android data easily

Although there are loads of backup apps for Android those, these following apps are personally tested. You can backup phone without PC. On the other hand, you can backup apps, documents, browser data, contacts, call logs, etc. with the help of these free apps.

1. Titanium Backup Pro:

It’s a backup app instead you called it’s the most powerful backup utility for the Android device. It can backup all of your stock application along with the data in the cloud storage. You can backup or restore your app data whenever you want. It doesn’t matter whether your system is corrupted while flashing custom ROM or not. Titanium Backup can let you load up the phone just like earlier. The best of it that’s, it is free but partially. The Pro version has some unique features like zero click background batch restore, backup or restore SMS, MMS, call log, bookmark and Wi-Fi networks with the portable XML format, with the freezing or defrosting TB web server, etc. The most important information is if you want to install this app, you must have rooted Android mobile. Otherwise, it won’t be working at all.

Download: Free Version | Purchase ($5.99)

2. My Backup Pro:

It is a small sized backup app for your Android device which makes you very comfortable when you backup your application settings, calendars, contacts, messages, videos, photos, and also a song. You can compress them into a zip file and make lower in size. It is one of the best Android backup apps without root. Especially this backup application has its cloud students in which you can transfer your data, please do them in full of security. Just you have to do sign up for it. However, profile quick, reliable backup for your Android device. Although this backup app is compatible with non-rooted devices, you will get even more functions if you have a rooted Android device.

Download: Free Version | Purchase ($6.99)

3. Helium Backup Pro

It’s a backup app through which you can backup data and application either it’s in your phone memory or on the SD card. This is also possible to place the backup on any available cloud storage. Being a reliable backup app for Android, the main benefit of this application is you can use this on your Android device without having the root access. You want to do just download it from the website authenticating in the system and install. And you can reboot your system, and you can able to backup, and also restore any file. The main point if you have the pro version you can able to back up the stock apps easily.

Download: Free Version | Purchase ($4.99)

4. G-cloud Free Backup

G-cloud Free Backup Best Free Android Apps to Backup Data

The g-cloud backup app is the very cool backup application for the Android phone. Which is free to download but you need to spend money to unlock all the features. It can backup and restore contacts, photo, phone setting, text messages, videos, call log, music, files, documents, browsing history, etc. After signing to its cloud server, you will get 1 GB free storage. It has the option that automatically uploads the backup app whenever you are in local or connected to free Wi-Fi. This is secured with the password protection. You can easily migrate to the different devices by saving everything in the cloud storage.
The best thing is this application has not required any root.

Download: Free (In-app purchase: $0.99-$99.99 per item)

5. Easy Backup and Restore

Easy backup and restore is another free data backup and restore utility tool for the Android device, which helps you to backup your documents like contact, photos, messages, videos, HTML link, software, game, etc. The best part of this app is Scheduled backup that allows users to set up a time and let the Easy Backup and Restore app do its job in automation. You can place the backup file to your SD card, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also quickly zip them to save the memory of your persistent storage. It makes your files in CSV, EML, VCF format whenever you would like to backup. It does work on non-rotted devices, but if you have rooted your mobile, you can backup and restore app’s data.

Download: Free

6. CM Backup

CM Backup Best Free Android Apps to Backup Data

CM backup is a brand new backup application through which you can backup your messages, contacts, photos, games, can upload quickly to their cloud drive. You just need to do to create an account sign in and upload the data.The main features of it that are including birthdays address related valuable information also the call log can back up safely to it. It has the option login in multi accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can compress files on it to save your phone space and of the limited cloud storage. The main plus point of it there is no root required to access this application. So cm backup is not only a backup application but also a secure vault.It also allows to backup several upgraded version of the same app.

Download: Free

7. Super Backup

Super Backup Best Free Android Apps to Backup Data

Super backup is another simple backup application with management tools. The primary specialization of the application is back up in SMS, MMS, and the contact. It has an option to schedule the backup process automatically whenever you want. It also has the cloud storage like others. You can link the cloud storage with your Gmail account. The automatic synchronizing mode will help you to back up your various valuable data without any worry. In the free version, you can get the basic level of security which may be unable to replace complicated information. But one of the big problem of its without rooting you cannot access the Super Backup Pro app. Otherwise, it is super.

Download: Free | Purchase

8. App Backup and Restore

App Backup and Restore for android

It is the backup application which is the most straightforward and smallest sized application than the other application on the Internet. If you want a prototype backup app. you should go through it.The essential features of it that backup photos, videos, SMS, contacts, application and also zip files. Only this application have no complicated option like other. You can have cloud storage on its which linked to your Gmail account.Only this application has their security system which is protected by McAfee antivirus. It also contains uninstall manager does you can quickly flash out any heavyweight software or application without a headache.

Download: Free

9. Contacts Backup & Restore by Simpler

Contacts Backup & Restore by Simpler

Contacts Backup & Restore by Simpler is yet another very useful data backup app for Android. Although it doesn’t allow users backup everything like media files, or call logs, you can use it to backup your contacts. You do not need an internet connection to backup contacts. However, you should have that if you want to send the backup to another device through email, or cloud storage. It doesn’t backup the contacts as VCF or VCard. You need to Android 2.3.3 or later version to install this app. Talking about price, you can install it for free. Nonetheless, if you want to experience all the features mentioned above, you need to purchase it for Rs.99.

Download: Free

10. Default Android Backup

Best Free Android Apps to Backup Data Easily

In the initial days, it was quite buggy and not that useful. However, now you can use the inbuilt backup system of Android to backup everything. This is possible to backup app data, call history, device settings, calendar, contacts, photos & videos, etc. The best part of this tool is this is free, and you do not have to install any third-party software. However, there is a limitation. You cannot backup your data to any other storage except Google Drive. To enable this, open Settings > System > Backup. Following that, toggle the Back up to Google Drive option and choose what you want to backup. There is another option that lets you restore data automatically.

Nowadays, We all are habituated with the smartphone hung disease, which makes our phone very slow. Hence the solution is one, i.e., either format or hard reset of our device. That’s why for this particular purpose we can use backup applications to handle it quickly. The backup and restore application is the program by which it creates the additional copy of required database files. Even if the data is lost or the system is corrupted by means with the help of it. These tools can backup all of our valuable document through it and restore them whenever it essentially needed. So here we will discuss the best app to backup Android data easily to handle this kind of situations.

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