Free Apps For LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn is the social networking site which will help you to connect with professionals all over the world. Your LinkedIn profile shows what you are and how organized you are. Most of the professionals look at your LinkedIn profile and will contact you if necessary. So, it is must to keep your profile in organized and professional way.

Free Apps For LinkedIn That You Must Have

There are some free apps for LinkedIn that will help you in making your profile professional. These apps will help you in many ways in providing you templates to create resumes, chat templates which can be over written and more. Here are the free apps which every LinkedIn user needs to know.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder will convert your LinkedIn profile to professional resume. You can choose one template from the available 11 templates like Executive, Clean, Business and more. Resume Builder App helps you in managing, sharing and to print the resume. If you want to edit your resume using this app, then you need to change your LinkedIn profile first.

Resume Builder

INstant and Advanced Search

INstant Search will help you in searching for people with just keywords regarding job, person name, location and more. This search will result in people who are not in your connection also. Advanced Search will let you search for people more specifically with first name, last name, Company, Title, Relationship Connection, Location and more.

Free Apps For Linkedin You Must Have
Free Apps For Linkedin You Must Have


Job Search

Job Search is the mobile app which is officially belonged to LinkedIn. This will help LinkedIn users to search for interested jobs, recommendations about jobs and more. It also displays the most important information about the company, which is very important for HR Rounds. As of now, it is available only for iOS users.


These are free apps for LinkedIn users. You must have these apps to make your job simpler and to connect with more professionals. Please, do share with us your feedback with us through comments.


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