Download AVG Antivirus 2011 And AVG Internet Security 2011 For Free

When my friends ask me for an efficient antivirus program which is Free, my answer has always been AVG antivirus from Grisoft. The program is very easy to use, ensures fast performance and can completely scan your system for potential threats, malware or Trojans.

The good news is that Grisoft has released the free version of AVG Antivirus 2011 and AVG Internet Security 2011, which can be downloaded from the CNET website at the following links.

Here are some of the features and improvements:

Download AVG Antivirus 2011 And AVG Internet Security 2011

When you run the program for the first time, you will see an “upgrade” option.  No worries, as you can use the program without having to pay a dime. The setup procedure has been completely revamped; there are less number of installation steps when compared to the earlier versions of AVG antivirus.

Faster System Scanning: A new feature named “smart scanning” has been added which allows you to create some kind of filter for faster file scanning. It works like this – on the first virus scan , AVG antivirus will scan your entire computer and manage an index log of the file and folder details. From the next time you perform a system scan, it will scan only those files whose details have changed.

Opt out of Contributing Data: You can choose to opt out of contributing data from the options menu, this will not send usage details to the AVG website.

Faster Scheduled scans: Scheduled scans are faster than before, if a system scan is scheduled and you are working, the scans will be restricted and it will wait until the system is idle.

AVG Link scanner: AVG link scanner which also comes as a part of AVG Internet security can scan links posted on Facebook and Myspace. A green arrow is added nest to safe links and a red cross is added next to the suspected ones, this ensures you stay away from malicious websites and webpages that may serve harmful content.

PC Analyzer: There is a new PC analyzer option which will allow you to scan your system for registry and disk errors. Also includes a disk defragmenter and a tool to check for broken shortcuts. This option is available for premium users, however the free edition will let you fix registry errors for the first time only.

Pricing: The paid upgrades of AVG antivirus 2011 and AVG Internet security 2011 will be available from sept 29, 2010. A one computer license price of AVG antivirus will cost you $35 while a one time license of AVG Internet security 2011 will cost $55

More information is available on CNET

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