Keepass : A Free and Portable Password Manager For Windows

KeePass is a free, open-source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows.You no longer  need to remember your Usernames and passwords for your Email accounts,Social Networks or other Websites.

Portable ware ,No Installation required : KeePass is Portable and do not require any Installation. Just download the  ZIP package, Unpack it anywhere on your hard drive or USB and KeePass is ready to be used. Get the portable version that can be carried on a USB flash drive, CD or even your iPod.

Keepass password manager

Auto type ,Drag and Drop: The Powerful Auto-type feature will automatically type you Usernames and passwords with a Single Global Hot Key .You don’t need to switch to the KeePass window and select the entry from the System tray.

When you press the hot key, KeePass matches the title of your Currently Active window with any Password stored in the currently opened database.If Keepass finds a Saved Entry it Inputs it and logs you in.You can Manually drag and Drop passwords into Windows or use the Context menu if you wish.

Store passwords in Groups : You can Create Different password groups for your Websites, Email accounts etc. Keepass can also Be used as a Bookmark manager as It Stores the URLS of the Sites for which you are saving your passwords.So you can always open your favorite sites using Keepass.

Security : KeePass doesn’t store anything on your system. The program doesn’t create any new registry keys and it doesn’t create any initialization files (INI) in your Windows directory. Deleting the KeePass folder leaves no trace of  Stored passwords on your system.

No fear of  password Theft : .The program Uses a Master password to open Your password database which is Highly encrypted.So even If someone Steals your password database File he won’t be able to recover your Usernames or passwords.

Easy Transfer, Import / Export : The password database is Only a Single File so it can easily be transferred among Multiple Computers.Also it can be Exported to various formats ( TXT,XML,CSV,HTML). So you can Always Import (or Export) passwords from another Application or System

My experience with Keepass

Whether i am in My College or Home or at any other place my password manager is always with me In My USB drive .When I connect to internet i plug my USB in and Use the passwords with the Auto type hot key. I do not Save passwords in Browsers ( Its risky ). Keypass is also my Bookmark manager as I use it to open my favorite Sites and Blogs.


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