Not Everyone Gets To Join IIT But Everyone Can Attend Their Lectures

Free Video Lectures is a web service where you can watch videos of classroom lectures by professors from 20+ Universities on 740+ courses. The numbers are quite impressive and you will be happier to know that the site has a present collection of more than 18000+ videos on 35+ categories.

free video lectures top renowned universities categories

Just visit the website and choose from the courses from the most popular courses listed in the home page. On clicking any course you will be shown all the video lectures listed under that course. Refer the above screenshot.

free video lectures top renowned universities search

You can also use the search by using this link to choose the subject, institution, course as well the professor to get to videos of your choice (refer screenshot above). You will also get to download the videos in almost all popular formats.

Features :

1. Videos from top universities listed according to courses and subjects.

2. Useful search feature to reach the proper videos.

3. You can download the videos in MP4, 3GP, FLV, MP3 and torrents.

Courses listed here are :

Anatomy Physiology Business Management Data Structures Genetics Law Networking Psychology
Astronomy Aerospace Calculus Economics Health Sciences Literature Other Courses Signals Systems
Bio Sciences Chemistry Electrical Engineering History Mathematics Philosophy Social Sciences
Bio Technology Civil Engineering Electronics IC Design Mechanical Physics VLSI and ASIC Design
Biology Computer Science Entrepreneurship Languages Medicine Programming Web Designing

Company Motto

To organize the world’s educational videos and make them universally accessible and down-loadable. To change the way we learn, to revolutionize the education system and raise the quality of education.

This web service was a great help for me to complete my last college project and hone my coding skills. Let me know what you think of this website.


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