Two Ways to Invite Your Friends on Ello

This is the most trending word in today’s social media timeline. Whenever you open Facebook, you can find at least one of your friends, who is talking about Ello. From past couple of weeks, Ello has become one of the most trending social networks out there.

But, wait!

Why does everyone want to join Ello? In fact, what is Ello? What is more in Ello than other social networks like Facebook?Ello Logo

These are some common questions might have knocked your attention after watching the interest of people towards Ello. Let me explain the whole scenario.

What is Ello?

Ello is a simple social networking website. Before being semi-public, Ello was a successful private social network, which had only 100 members. Some awesome artists and web designers are developing Ello.

What is more in Ello than other social networks?

Actually, there is nothing more in Ello. In fact, Ello has less than other social networks i.e. Facebook etc. Ello does not show advertisements and this is the main reason why most of the people are showing their interest to join Ello.

You know that every advertiser tracks users in every moment. Whatever you are doing, how are you using their ads, etc. Therefore, according to the CEO of Ello, you are not a product. In an interview of Paul Budnitz, CEO of Ello, has said that Facebook is actually not a social networking website. Instead, it is an advertising platform.

Yes! His statement is somehow correct. Over the past one or two years, Facebook has become an advertiser oriented social network. Everytime, you can find a lot of sponsored posts, sidebar advertisements and more other begrime elements. May be, those are for advertisers. But Facebook should understand that some people may not want to see any advertisements.

However, as Ello is still in beta version, it doesn’t allow everybody to be joined. All you need to have an invitation code.

How to get Ello invitation code?

There are two different methods to get invitation codes. You supposed to have a friend, who has already an Ello user. He/she can easily create an invitation code for you. To create invitation code on Ello, just click the Invite button at first.

Invite Friends on Ello

After that, click the Generate Invite Code.

Generate Ello Invitaion

Now, you will get an option to enter email ID. Enter your friend’s email ID and invite him/her.

Send Ello Invitation

But, the main problem occurs when you cannot find any Ello user around you. At such situation, you can get an invitation code from a third party website called Ello Invites.

Therefore, just head over to Ello Invites, enter your email ID in the empty box, and invite yourself.

Now check your inbox as well as Spam folder. You will get an invitation within couple of seconds.

This is as easy said.

So, don’t wait for getting an invitation code from your friends. just head over to that site and generate Ello invitation for yourself.

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