How to Get Chrome’s Saved Passwords in Any Browser

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers out there and it is available for different platforms. This is one of the reasons why Chrome is so much popular. On the other hand, Google Chrome has lot of features those are not available in other standard web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari or anything else. People use Google Chrome because it consumes less bandwidth and this is extremely fast in slow internet connection as well.

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Google Chrome has a feature that helps users to save password for various web apps and offline apps automatically. For example, you want to authenticate an app using your Google account. At such time, you can certainly save the Google’s password in that app so that you can sign in to that app later without entering your password. This is helpful when you use a password manager to manage your strong passwords.

Now, suppose, your Chrome has been damaged or it not opening due to some reasons. Or, you just want to switch from Google Chrome to any other web browser like Firefox, Safari or anything. Now, how to do obtain your saved passwords those you have saved in Google Chrome? To find Chrome’s saved passwords, here is a trick.

Google doesn’t save it locally. Instead, Google saves those passwords on their server. That means, those saved passwords are accessible from any other web browser that is available for desktop as well as mobile.

Get Chrome’s Saved Passwords in Any Browser

There is a webpage of Google that is known as, where you can find all the saved passwords under one roof. This webpage comes with some settings or options as well. All the features are mentioned below,

  • Enable or disable Smart Lock for Passwords
  • Enable or disable Au Sign-In
  • Get website, username and password
  • Check password using the “Reveal Password” button
  • Delete any password from the gallery

Get Chrome’s Saved Passwords in Any Browser

This is how this page works. You can easily check your password with the help of webpage. This is absolutely free and you can find Chrome’s saved password from any web browser. You just need to sign in to your actual Google account, that is being used in Google Chrome while saving passwords.


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