How to Get Deleted Apps on iOS, iPhone and iPad

There is no need to introduce iOS as everyone knows how good it is. Features wise, iOS is one of the most popular operating systems out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. The latest version of iOS includes so many new features like Night Shift, password protected notes, enhanced health app and more others. The best part is you can download tons of free software for iOS from App Store. Not only that, but also if you want to purchase apps or games, you can also opt for App Store, which is a trustworthy source.

If you have used Android, you may know that whenever you install an app, it gets stored in your Google account. Although, the actual app doesn’t store in the account but you can find the replica of your app. From there, you can easily find your apps that you have installed once. Just like Android, you can find the same thing on iOS as well. Whenever, you install an app on your iOS device, a replica of your app will be saved in your account.

Get Deleted Apps on iOS, iPhone and iPad

No matter, how many apps you install, you can easily find all the apps in the corresponding list. On the other hand, whether you purchase an app or download it for free, you can easily find them in your list.

Let’s assume that you installed an app few months ago and now you have forgotten the name. If you have deleted that previously and now want to install it again, here is a trick that will let you find uninstalled apps in your iPhone or iPad. This is very easy and not much time consuming as iOS has this feature in-built.

You do not have to install any third party app to get deleted app list. You can easily find them from App Store. Let’s check the following steps to get things done.

Get Deleted Apps on iOS, iPhone and iPad

As mentioned before, you do not have to install any third party software and you can do it from App Store. Therefore, at first open App Store on your iOS device. Here, you can find a tab called Updates.

Check app updates on iOS

Now, on the following screen, you can find things like the following picture. Here, you can get two types of buttons.

Get Deleted apps on iOS

However, you can also get a section called Not on This iPhone. Just switch to that. Here, you can find all the apps those are currently not available in your iOS device but you installed it previously. Now, if you tap on the corresponding button, you can download them right from App Store.

That’s it! Hope this little trick would be helpful for you.

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